Famelabber, Andrew Pontzen wins Lord Kelvin Award Lecture for Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Each year the British Science Festival offers five awards to honour professional scientists or engineers in the early stages of their career, who show outstanding skills in communication to a non-specialist audience. Congratulations to 2009 FameLabber Andrew Pontzen, who has won the 2011 Lord Kelvin Award Lecture for Physical Sciences and Mathematics.

Andrew is a cosmology research fellow at Cambridge University. His academic interests focus on the formation of galaxies, and on conditions in the early Universe. Having been enthusiastically involved with science communication since the start of his PhD, Andrew has given over 100 talks over the last five years. He is also part of the astronomy team for the 'Naked Scientists'. In his spare time, he works on sound and music; he was nominated for an 2010 'Off-West-End Award, and recently featured in 'Geek Pop 2011'.

You can find out more about Andrew here.

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