Why Participate?

"On the surface FameLab looks like it is just a bit of fun but there is a very, very serious underlying purpose here - you just have to look around us to see how science is playing a really fundamental role in understanding our world and where it is going so we need a new generation of people to explain science if the democratic process is going to work effectively." Roger Highfield, former editor of New Scientist

Science is part of almost every aspect of our lives. Although we rarely think about it, science makes extraordinary things possible. It tells us about the past, helps us with the present, and creates ways to improve our future.  However, while new developments can improve our quality of life and understanding of the world, scientists and policy makers may not always properly assess the potential risks or take full account of the public's concerns. Opportunities must be created for scientists, engineers and the general public to exchange views in a two-way dialogue of mutual respect and trust.

Scientific endeavour should not unfold quietly at the sidelines but become a fundamental part of the game. Now more than ever, science and scientists must engage with us, and we must engage with science.

FameLab not only inspires the next generation of science communicators but excels at building the skills that will enable scientists and engineers to explain, debate, discuss and be challenged. FameLab contestants are coached and mentored by some of the best science communicators in the world. The result is a celebrated network of scientists and engineers able to clearly, accurately and concisely explain the key issues and developments of our time in the media intensive environment in which we all live. 

By entering FameLab you will begin a journey with like minded people, explore your own potential and, most of all, have a fantastic time!

FameLab is like no other so accept no substitutes. It is the only competition to cross international boundaries opening up a world of oportunities.

FameLab really works...and it's free!